Observations of an Overthinker

Halfway There

I’m really not sure whether or not I’m 45; I just have to trust my mother on this. She’s been a perfect mother so far so I guess I believe her. Plus she got me a birth certificate, seems legit enough.

I’ve never been more content. I have a renewed sense of appreciation for life and I welcome any emotion, exercise, event or experience with open arms and a smile on my face.

If I am 45, science states I only have somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 years left to go- if I’m lucky. Candidly, that means I’ve reached the middle of my ride, the center of my sentient pendulum. I’ve made a vow to awaken the senses every chance I get, to allow things to exist as they are, not how I want them to be, to navigate my personal, artistic and spiritual expressions carefully enough to curate the positivity for which I seek, to be a mirror for what I encounter, take the road less traveled and to turn my nighttime imagination into my daytime realizations.

While in this uncertain human experience, we should never lose the charm of living life’s every moment. Along the way we tend to overestimate the value of stature and underestimate the importance of value; working tirelessly, churning and burning the very life force from our short-lived ride to have things we’ll ultimately never be able to use. Since we’re faced with an infinite number of possibilities along the ride, we tend to act like they don’t matter, but they do. We’re all the product of our decisions, a human accumulation of questions and answers acted out. Take time to remember what makes you unique. Revel in the good, the bad and use them as measure for your new blueprint. The now is so underestimated. There’s nothing more valuable than staying in the moment, being ever-present and allowing the impermanency of life to wash over you in real time. There’s truly nothing finer than being alive and feeling your life force in action. And then there’s the future. This is so breathtakingly interesting to me. Nothing is certain and yet we can somewhat frame the change we wish to experience. We are the designers of our destiny. Do not for one second forget that the course of action; our future-self destination, is a choice and one that should be held sacred. Map out a you you’d like to become and steer yourself towards the light you envision. Dream a dream, make a wish and blow out the candle. Then, take action.

Halfway there. 45 down, and 45 to go. Here’s *cheers* to the next 45! Unless they crack the genetic code and solve cell-regeneration, I hope I don’t make it out alive. Hell, even if they do, 90 years should be enough, right?

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