Observations of an Overthinker


I feel like most everyone in this day and age is aware that things are complicated; that we live in a country collectively exhaling the largest breath of frustration in modern memory. What I believe many don’t consider is that very breath has been blown into a theoretical balloon stretching beyond measure. Imagine two people set out to a duel, they stand back to back, both with guns in hand, but are unaware a rubber band is affixed to their belts. Both people believe once they reach a certain point they can turn around and shoot the other thus minimizing obstruction. What they don’t know is, they’ll never make it 20 paces before they get smacked back together. That’s America right now.

No matter how hard we want to view opposition in scorn, how bad we wish to change things, how much we may believe we are right, the truth is, so is someone else – at least in their mind – and they most likely don’t agree with you. You want to know why? Because they don’t have to. That’s what America stands for. Not one person in this country has to agree with you and they can still be right. The sooner we absorb the notion of mutual respect in disagreement, the sooner we’ll be better off. I hear a lot of people talk about wanting the America of yesteryear back. Humbly, it’s an impractical notion that anyone can go backwards to achieve anything forward. What we can work towards, and what I firmly believe overdue, is a reset in respect. For all.

In a world where everyone has a voice but many don’t have the desire to listen, will you continue to be deaf to be heard? I know I won’t.


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