Observations of an Overthinker

The Road to Enlightenment is Paved with Humility

The road to enlightenment is paved with humility.

I’m in a constant state of awareness yet I surrender to the life force that propels my sentiency. I acknowledge that is has absolute control and I’m merely the co-pilot to its stimulus. I exist in an endless tango with spirituality and temptation, a limitless channel of energy radiating purpose as I imagine myself trying to navigate the innocence of it all. I call it the dance with divinity: an infinite number of possibilities, available at all times with an infinite number of outcomes and all suspended in space.

Imagine millions of batons sitting right in front of your face. Whichever one you grab will take you down a different road and there’s no turning back. It’s simply not an option. What’s even more remarkable is that there’s technically no time to decide. None. By the time you think you’ve made a choice, one has long since been decided. It actually doesn’t even matter what you think you’re choosing because it’s predetermined. If that weren’t enough intellectual debilitation, nothing is actually occurring at all. The little bit of perceived awareness we believe we’re juggling is merely an apparition of familiarity, a loop of film that becomes updated along the ride. At the core of it all we’re just the suspension of protoplasm on a molecular level, existence until we’re not. Naively, we try to walk, talk, dance, and sing until we can’t anymore and that’s about the extent of our efforts. So why do any of it at all, right? Survival. It’s the biological basis of all human behavior.

As minutes turn to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, weeks to months and months to years we tend to lose sight of that which we are at the core. We become an image of our circumstances; hardened by our travels, adapted and reformulated by our new set of responsibilities. An effect of constant and ever-changing adaptation in the human state; an evolution of social pressures molded into the current form of mortal reflection. And strangely we tend to think we’re becoming better with time, more aware, more advised and refined in our understanding of that which surrounds us but we’re not. We are a series of self-induced scars that are only hurting us rather than helping, making it more difficult to stretch, bend and fly, furthering our path to freedom.

If you strip every single thing away from our current anatomical state: our clothes, car, home, belongings, wealth and arts and crafts, what are you left with? Who are you without your possessions? What do you stand for without your chosen materialistic identities? What do you recognize as your actual self? Do you serve any greater purpose other than prolonging your current trajectory?

The road to enlightenment is paved with humility…

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