Observations of an Overthinker


This Super Bowl halftime debate is so crazy. It’s exactly who we’ve become, though. Everyone’s immediately an expert. And boy, do we love to complain. Here’s what I find most ironic:

1: I have numerous male friends who idolize male misogynistic 80s singers/bands who were shirtless – some even pants-less – objectifying women. These same guys have spent decades trying to emulate their appeal. Producing shows after them, learning their solos note-for-note in their bedroom, etc. Years! But, *these* women are too risqué.

2: Why are middle-class, suburban, white woman ok with a shirtless Adam Levine *one year ago* but offended by Shakira or JLO in evocative stage attire this year? Rhetorical.

3: Every single armchair expert who believes they’re more technically proficient can’t even write one song let alone manage a career 1/8th of Shakira’s or JLO’s. These women are world-class entrepreneurs. Multi-faceted superstars. Anyone who actually *works* in the same field would never knock them for their hustle. Their successes. Their accomplishments. For reference:

Shakira: singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, businesswoman, and philanthropist.

Jennifer Lopez: actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, producer, and businesswoman.

4: Most interesting to me: to all the purists who think the Super Bowl halftime show is an integrity contest, it’s not. You simply have no idea how mass entertainment programming works. The Super Bowl halftime show “represents a fundamental link to pop culture, which helps broaden the television audience and nationwide interest.” It was in Miami. And it was produced with Miami in mind, not a prog-rock guitarist’s Dream Theater poster wall.

But, “They didn’t sing live!” No, no they didn’t. Once again, this is not a sincerity match. This year’s Super Bowl raked in 102 million viewers. When… IF… you can get 102 million people to watch you, you can then demand to sing live. Then, and only then, will we know whether or not you’ll be able to. Until then, maybe just consider watching/enjoying the show without having your toolbelt on.
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