Observations of an Overthinker

Are we still divided?

This is not going away soon so why are we still divided?

If you lost your job, and I lost mine, for an unknown amount of time, we are in this together. You and I. We are the new electorate.

At the time of writing this, the US has 142,000 known cases of COVID-19 and counting. More than any other nation on the planet. It’s crippled our economy and put millions out of work. It’s scientifically irrefutable we could’ve minimized the spread of the virus if we had a leader who would’ve listened to experts months ago and implemented the proper protocols. The educated and uneducated responses from multiple world leaders has been gamed out globally and is there for all to see if you enjoy facts. But unfortunately, our’s is woefully incapable of seeing the big picture. He’s unaffected by this virus, thinks in terms of wealth, governs for wealth and misrepresents the truth to protect wealth. Even worse, he and his re-election campaign could benefit from slowing the solution by controlling the narrative and mandates. Slowing the aid. Demanding “respect.” Most unfortunate, if there’s ever an actual end we will have learned a lot more about our empathy for one another (or lack thereof) than the actual virus.

Just in case I hear the, “If you’re so sure he’s doing a terrible job, what would you do?” Glad you asked.

1: I’d mandate a nationwide shelter-in-place similar to what’s happening in major US cities (NY, WA, CA) right now effective for 30 days. Or, until the scientists, epidemiologist and infectious disease experts can agree we’ve flattened the curve. This is not simple or exacting science and requires sound leadership, flexibility, and open-mindedness to achieve. The goalpost is constantly moving, innovation is changing rapidly and we’re in uncharted waters. But, that doesn’t change the incubation period. At least not yet.

2: I’d halt all non-essential travel nationally and internationally for the same time under the same guidelines.

3: I would mandate all essential businesses (grocery stores, pharmacies) have an occupancy cap at 10 or more people at a time or the 6′ social distancing rule, whichever’s greater per store. (Under the same guidelines.)

4: I would put a moratorium on all bills for 30 days. (Under the same guidelines.)

5: I’d make free at-home or drive-thru test kits available for everyone regardless of insurance.

I know there are 50 more things to do. This is just to illustrate a starting point. But mostly, I’d use the most powerful platform to try and guide the American people through this crisis with the humility it deserves, the compassion it so desperately needs and the character it’s lacking. And, to the best of my ability–guided by the expert’s–I would give the American people the clarity they want to acclimate quickly without creating more uncertainty and panic. All, while sprinkling in some positivity and harsh truths. I would surgically laser in on the significance of why an entire nation may need to shelter-in-place for 30+ days to help stave off the greatest pandemic of our lifetime.

I can already hear people telling me to “shut the fuck up.” I hear you. I can also hear people saying, “You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.” I hear you too. And you know what, maybe I don’t. And I’d be the first to say it on national television. One of my favorite answers in the history of the English language is “I don’t know.” I have never, once, gotten mad at anyone for any reason for saying that as long as they cared to learn. However, I can’t take anyone seriously that claims to know everything with little facts to back it.

We can all agree no one in the history of our country could’ve been completely ready for this. I get that. But, wouldn’t you feel a little better if your leader didn’t say, “I alone can fix it” (the system) when he was trying to gain your vote and then says, “I don’t take responsibility at all” (for the COVID-19 response readiness) when he’s on the hook to save your life? Just a thought.

I’ll make Trump supporters a deal: I’ll stop placing the onus on inept leadership during the nation’s greatest crisis to date, which has put me completely out of work if you start publically communicating a desire for him to let the experts take the wheel. Hell, I’ll even gladly accept the 2020 results if A: they’re fair and democratic and B: if we even have an election. Deal?

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