Observations of an Overthinker


We are defined by our choices.
Every moment of every day.

How we respect our health.
How we respect our sleep.
What we choose to eat.
Who we choose to love.
How often we exercise.
How often we give to others.
How we choose to coexist. To harmonize.
The value we place on success. And failure.
Who we choose to surround ourselves with. And who we don’t.
What we say about others in front of them. Behind their back.
How we say it. Why we say it.
How we deal with pain. With pleasure.
How we take care of our mental health.
Our relationship with negativity. And positivity.
Our behavior.
Our actions and intent.
Our wellness.
Our relationship with stress and what we do with it.
Our quality of life.
And most importantly our commitment to them.
That’s who we become.

Do you like the choices you’ve made?
Do you like the commitment you’ve made to them?
If not, do you want to make a new one?
The choice is yours.

© Tanzer Words