Observations of an Overthinker


We are without question in uncharted territory. I think the single most important takeaway from this pandemic so far is we should start to reevaluate and acknowledge nuance. There’s a remarkable, and often unspoken component and responsibility to being alive and that’s subtlety. We seem to have forgotten how important it is to be nuanced.

Humans love to be certain. In control, secure and confident; certain. You see it with our politics, religion, love, power, ego, style, the list is endless. But I’d like to offer this:
Someone can be mad about losing work while still sad, scared and panicking. Both can exist at the same time.
Someone can “make this virus political” and still be patriotic. Both can exist at the same time.
Someone can also believe everything is being handled correctly to stop the virus and still be patriotic. Both can exist at the same time.
Someone can be mad at people “buying up all the toilet paper” but not understand the person impulse buying may be coping the only way they know how. Both can exist at the same time.

Not everyone is equipped to know how to do things the way you do or how you may want them to and that’s ok. It may not make you feel any better but just take a breath and think about it. You trying to stop people from panic buying is also your way of coping. I’m not suggesting hoarding serves the good of mankind at all. But… until we get a scientific fact-based analysis of what’s going on with the actual numbers, free test kits for everyone regardless of insurance, and in turn, start working on prevention and mitigation, its gonna be a free-for-all. During this time, try to be a bit more understanding.

I’ve made no bones about how I think this is being handled. But that bears little to no result for average people (like myself) trying to wade their way through reality. I don’t blame people for freaking out. I’ve just said we should all try and take a deep breath and do some reading. Most every single person on the planet has a mobile phone that can access anything known to man with the click of a button. Use it. Read. Research for yourself. And please, cross-reference what you come up with. Trust. Science!

The only good thing I’ve seen come out of this so far is everyone I’ve come in contact with has been humbled. There’s simply no time for narcissism during a global pandemic. If Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Tom Hanks and Rudy Gobert etc. can get it, so can you. Try to relax a bit, respect each other the best you can and be there for one another. When I was leaving my house yesterday I rolled down the window to my car and said to the neighbor, “Hey man, lemme know if you need anything. We’re here.” You should’ve seen the look on his face. Granted, I am private but I’m not unkind. Pick up the phone and call your friends. Say hi. Get out of your head for just a minute or two. Talk to people. We will get through this.

We are without question in uncharted territory. Are you looking for a silver lining…start to reevaluate and acknowledge your nuance. We’ve overcome much worse as a species. We’ve got this but we may need a little help. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. More importantly, don’t be afraid to offer it.

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