Observations of an Overthinker

Guilty. Thankfully. Rightfully.


1. Can we please continue the important conversation that police are vital to a just society but they are not above the law? 

2. Can we please agree to hold the police to a higher standard? Can we also agree having this conversation in no way maligns the profession or those who serve? 

3. Can we please remember the police are not authorized to kill citizens even if they resist arrest? 

4. Can we please stop saying “Blue Lives Matter?” No one is blue. 

5. Can we please stop saying “Defund the Police?” No one wants that. (And however misunderstood this messaging may be, it is harmful to meaningful dialogue.)

6. Can we please stop expecting the police to manage multiple duties they are not trained or paid for, then act surprised when we have to hold them accountable for the results? 

7. Can we please continue talking about police reform? 

8. Can we please talk about all of this without taking a side? 

This verdict is as much about the millions who marched and spoke out as it is about George Floyd. A verdict that says we demand a more equitable union for every American and want justice for George Floyd at the same time. That no one is above the law, not even the law. 

Today, America is one step closer. 

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