Observations of an Overthinker


America’s problem isn’t guns, they are the result of its messaging. There isn’t a single modern society that has a paralleled gun problem. And I’m all for changing gun laws. However, America’s problem—at the root—is we are a violent country. It’s in our messaging, aggressive nature, and forced exceptionalism. It’s in our constitution; it framed it. America doesn’t have a peaceful past, and it won’t have a peaceful future as long as it continues to push the same narrative. Our politics aren’t drawn in an image of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our news isn’t research-driven by facts and information. Our entertainment isn’t authored and executed by leaders in the arts and crafts, and our healthcare industry isn’t motivated by science and technology with the goal of a lasting and compassionate human experience. None of that exists because that’s not who America is. So, until we change the message, we’ll never change our moral compass, the results. You want to minimize violence and maximize the human condition? Create a society that nurtures the health and welfare of its people. Then, and only then, you’ll see a rebirth of American exceptionalism. The kind of exceptionalism the word originally represented. Also, stop referring to America as “she.” There is nothing feminine about America’s behavior or it’s past. Women do not act this way. From now on, I submit we use “he” when referring to America’s actions as a whole. I guarantee we won’t be as quick to brush over statements like “She was experiencing a growth spurt during the civil rights movement.” Translation: “He was acting like an ignorant, old racist asshole; cut him some slack.”

America: the world’s teenager who blames everyone else for everything it does to itself and gets mad when it doesn’t get what it wants when it wants it.
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