Observations of an Overthinker

I am tired of whitesplaining.

I am tired of Trump.
I am tired of coronavirus/science deniers.
I am tired of racists.
I am tired of whitesplaining.
But not too tired to be an ally.

Why does everything need to be explained like we’re children? No one supports looting. Of course, there are good cops. Of course, there are bad people. Stop looking for singular examples of virtue in defense of prejudice to make yourself feel better.

Why are we always looking for who else is at fault instead of what we can do to help? Stop trying to preserve your sense of self-esteem by avoiding awareness of your own flaws or failings. Stop victimizing yourself. Instead, take a closer look at how you’re knowingly (or unknowingly) participating in racism. Sit in your discomfort for once. Process complicity by listening and resisting white defensiveness. Be ok with not feeling ok.

If you truly think you’re infallible and have never discriminated against anyone in your lifetime, cool. Doubtful, but cool. To be clear, I have too and I am not proud of it. Every white person I know has. But please know we don’t need you—an altruistic warrior for historical white accuracy right now. If you’re truly a lifelong nobleman, support the unheard. (But you already knew that, right?)

Lastly, stop trying to frame a “reasonable” response to intolerance. I’m glad white people still feel ownership over their feelings. Is there any chance the protests are in response to a lack of ownership of theirs? Stop trying to control the narrative. If any of the protestors had an equal seat at the table—an equal voice—this wouldn’t be happening.

We need a moral authority for all Americans in the White House. But we don’t have the right now. But we do have the power of organization being shown in countless cities right now. Use your influence for good.

Support Black Lives Matter.
Support the National Police Accountability Project.
Support Campaign Zero.

But most importantly be an ally.

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