Observations of an Overthinker

The Escondido Orange Salesman

You ever notice how hard it is to make the right decisions without ruffling some feathers? How difficult it is to keep everyone happy? How many little pockets of questions, misunderstandings, and uncertainties you have unresolved, just tucked away? Or, how many different roles you have to play to get through one day? The different characters for different people game: walking on eggshells for one person, holding back anger and anguish for another and not severing ties with toxic ones? It’s an endless game we play with ourselves and for what?

Stop being 100 fractional little yous for 100 different people and start being 1 unified you for whoever’s left. Sure, you’ll lose some friends but were they ever one to begin with? Once you make the choice to stop trying to be everyone else’s everything, your life will explode with simplicity. Take your training wheels off, walk away from toxicity, and work on accepting yourself for who you are.

To those that are afraid and insecure of who they are: we all are. Every single one of us has someone or something we look up to as somehow better, more successful, prettier, richer or more spiritually evolved. Every single one of us. Embrace it. Make it a challenge to yourself to achieve that which you value. Aspirationally, look towards it as a positive influence in your life but by no means should you allow it to hinder your journey or darken your light.

We are all on a highway with countless offramps, speed bumps, accidents, and flat tires looming. Maximize your path by taking control of your wandering mind. Focus. Navigate your course and don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way. When you get a flat, which you will, change it and discard the baggage as you would a used tire. Then, get back on course and smile at the beauty along on the way. Maybe even pull over and grab some oranges from that guy in Escondido. I hear they’re great.

Everyone and everything looks better when you’re at peace with yourself.

© Tanzer Words