Observations of an Overthinker

The Tin Man

Yes, storming the Capitol Building with guns is insurrection.
No, it is not the same as Black Lives Matter protests.
Yes, Trump incited this (with the help of Hawley and Cruz).
No, “both sides” are not at fault.
Yes, white privilege is real.

No, it would not have been the same outcome if it was BIPOC.

What we saw today is the beginning of the Trump detox. It is only the beginning, but at least it is finally starting. There will be more physical, emotional and psychological meltdowns to come. Expect it.

Once again, the BLM movement is protesting against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people. The Capitol fatigue folk are protesting fables. There is no comparison. All of our electoral systems were secure and the results feverishly counted. Some, multiple times. All court cases claiming voter fraud were thrown out of court, many by Trump’s own appointees. The Georgia runoff was just and the outcome honest. There is no similarity between the painful work of moving the needle forward on civil rights and throwing a temper tantrum flipping a table over (literally) when you come in 2nd. We are better than this.

To the Republicans still shouting “voter fraud,” you are wrong. Please cross-reference and ingest other media. You may find another world of truth out there you have been missing. Also, Democrats have been demanding election reform for decades. Shall we start by abolishing the Electoral College? Establish transparent and neutral redistricting principles? Enact ranked-choice voting? Maybe a universal absentee and mail-in ballot deadline? National holiday? Let’s get to work.

To the people saying nothing is going to change once Biden gets in office: it must be nice for you to have such a romantic American experience. From Trump to Biden? Please. Take that Tin Man outlook elsewhere. The rest of us are still trying to work towards a better union for all Americans and have a few sleeves to roll up. Stick your arm out and we will gladly help you with yours. It is not that hard to be kind, to be good to others.

Congratulations to Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock on your Senate runoff victories! Sorry, it couldn’t be under better circumstances or a more enjoyable night. Just know millions are proud of how hard you fought to ultimately roll back this 4-year mess. Change can not come soon enough. Historic change you are now going to be a part of writing.

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